News analysis

  • Approvals in China slowed yet further

    21 Nov 2007

    Rumours abound in Beijing that China is planning to make life even harder for foreign investors in the country, by slowing the investment approval process

  • Private equity code fails to mollify critics

    20 Nov 2007

    The announcement of a voluntary code of conduct for UK private equity has unexpectedly increased political pressure

  • Lending terms start to favour banks

    14 Nov 2007

    They have been used and abused over the past five years. But with the credit crunch rampaging through structured finance, lenders are striking back

  • Thai approval gives hope for foreign investors

    14 Nov 2007

    Thailand's Finance Ministry has given much-needed hope to foreign investors after insisting it will approve ING's $674 million stake in TMB Bank

  • Corporate insolvencies increase

    07 Nov 2007

    More companies are feeling the effects of the credit crunch and running into financial problems. Between July and September, corporate insolvencies rose by 1.8% on the previous quarter, according to figures released by R3, the association of business recovery professionals, last week

  • Taiwan softens on private equity

    07 Nov 2007

    CVC Asia Pacific's $750 million public-to-private buyout of Nien Made Enterprise proves Taiwan's regulator is finally easing its protection of domestic companies

  • File early for foreign investments in US

    06 Nov 2007

    UK hedge funds and private equity houses should take advantage of the pre-filing option offered by CFIUS when investing in the US, according to counsel at a Kaye Scholer breakfast briefing on Tuesday

  • In-house struggle in Asia

    01 Nov 2007

    Paul Browne and Charles Mayo of Simmons & Simmons react to the results of the Asian Bankers' Counsel Poll

  • Quick, buy now

    01 Nov 2007

    Buyers need to get into Japan fast, before targets implement poison pills

  • How to rig a state sale

    01 Nov 2007

    The corruption, sleights of hand and odd coincidences around state assets

  • Chasing shadows

    01 Nov 2007

    The proposals target problems that don't exist, with impractical regulation

  • Governance evolution

    01 Nov 2007

    Why corporate governance is developing in parallel with politics

  • Prevent the perfect storm

    01 Nov 2007

    Counsel at a hedge fund on how they can work better

  • How it works

    01 Nov 2007

    The weapons shareholders have at their disposal, in the light of Tesco and HSBC