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  • High yield portability becomes more aggressive

    13 June 2013

    Portability has become a hallmark of Europe’s 2013 high-yield market, and the lack of investor pushback suggests it is here to stay

  • How to establish Turkish MTNs

    13 June 2013

    The establishment of Turkey's first medium term note programme by VakifBank is expected to prompt a wave of copycats. Deal counsel explain the key considerations for others looking to establish an MTN in the new territory

  • How Chinese real estate credits are using credit enhancement

    11 June 2013

    Chinese bond offerings are increasingly incorporating credit enhancement structures to enable deals to go to market faster. But investors fear such deals do not offer adequate compensation for the additional risks involved

  • India high-yield first analysed

    11 June 2013

    Rolta's high-yield bond has been described as the first true Indian corporate credit in the high-yield market. It may open the market for other Indian companies

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