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Deal analysis

  • DEAL: Oi Group completes $20 billion reorganisation

    07 February 2019

    It's the largest private sector restructuring in Latin American history. Lawyers on both sides reveal all the details, from extreme regulatory arbritrage to intercreditor litigation

  • Brazil's hard lessons in public M&A

    06 February 2015

    The combination of telecommunication companies Oi and PT has taught Brazilian investors the downside of public M&A. Local investors have called for more thorough disclosures going forward

  • Deal: Brazil first oil royalty securitisation

    28 July 2014

    Rio de Janeiro has become the first in the country to securitise revenue from oil royalties. The structure has the potential to grow

  • The structure that unlocked Brazilian MBS

    31 January 2012

    Brazil became the world’s leading emerging securitisation market last year. A deal that unlocked its mortgage securitisation sector paves the way for a mature m

  • Project bonds not limited to refinancings

    07 January 2011

    OOG's $1.5 billion project bond in Brazil shows that assets under construction can be financed through the capital markets - but refinancing risk must be addressed