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  • Sebi must clarify new foreign listing rules

    18 Dec 2013

    India’s new rules allowing local companies without a domestic listing to list overseas have generated excitement, but market participants believe that more clarity is needed

  • Volcker Rule: the market reacts

    13 Dec 2013

    The final Volcker rule has been met with a sigh of relief by the financial sector. While the five regulators charged with agreeing the final version of the rule have not crafted a rule as strict as had been expected, there are still several negatives aspects

  • New margin bonds to fund Asia M&A

    04 Dec 2013

    The use of high-yield bonds to fund non-controlling buyouts is tipped to be a key development for the M&A market in 2014. The structure could be transformative for deals in Asia

  • Momentum grows for EU covered bond regime

    03 Dec 2013

    Industry support for an EU-wide covered bonds framework has grown over the past 12 months, with investors and issuers agreeing that harmonisation would help safeguard the asset class’s preferential regulatory treatment

  • SME covered bonds’ dubious future

    03 Dec 2013

    Covered bonds backed by loans to small and medium-sized enterprises will remain a niche product of established issuers from mature markets

  • The covered bond issuers set to adopt pass-through

    03 Dec 2013

    Conditional pass-through and soft bullet structures will come to the fore in next year’s European covered bond market, as issuers look at new ways to deal with short-term liquidity gaps

  • Bitcoin regulation: the latest developments assessed

    25 Nov 2013

    Market participants assess last week's US Senate hearing on the threats posed by the virtual currency

  • German ruling creates new public M&A options

    20 Nov 2013

    A recent judgment by Germany’s Federal Supreme Court that makes it easier for public companies to delist is tipped to facilitate take-privates and spur new public takeover tactics

  • The futurisation of swaps: what’s expected

    15 Nov 2013

    New rules under Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Act have increased the regulatory burdens on swaps, leading some in the market to re-examine how the instrument is used

  • What to expect from European HY structures

    15 Nov 2013

    New high-yield issuance in Europe has soared to a record €78 billion over the first 10 months of the year. The market's dramatic maturation has brought with it new capital structures, and there are more changes to come