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  • Will the KID make Prips too risky for retail?

    24 Jul 2012

    Following release of the European Commission’s (EC) finalised draft rules on packaged retail investment products (Prips) on July 3, the countdown to implementation has begun. But market participants are debating whether fundamental issues stemming from the key investor document (KID) will result in Prips no longer being sold to retail investors

  • EXCLUSIVE: The law that will open Saudi Arabia's stock exchange

    19 Jul 2012

    Speculation as to when Saudi Arabia will open its official stock exchange to foreign investment ends here. Lawyers have revealed parts of the draft law to IFLR. Here’s what firms need to know

  • Project bond template needed for 2020 success

    18 Jul 2012

    The success of the European Investment Bank’s (EIB) recently approved project bond programme will depend on the efficacy of the first deal template, lawyers have said