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  • Mezzanine loses out in private equity deals

    28 Sep 2010

    Mezzanine finance has suffered in the recovering private equity market. Intercreditor arrangements and stretched senior lending are to blame.

  • The truth about dual tracks

    27 Sep 2010

    Despite investor scepticism, private equity lawyers insist dual-track listings are a genuine exercise in valuation

  • Isda conference: EU regulation in quotes

    23 Sep 2010

    At the Isda regional conference in London this week, derivatives practitioners and lawyers attempted to dissect what one panellist called “a patchwork quilt” of regulatory efforts

  • EU regulation must consider confidentiality

    22 Sep 2010

    Disclosure measures proposed by the EC to improve information flows to regulators could threaten dealer-client confidentiality. Lawmakers must get the final wording right

  • FSA paper hints at Basel trading book reform

    22 Sep 2010

    The FSA's discussion paper on trading book reform provides valuable clues on what the Basel Committee could deal with in its next set of guidelines

  • Gaps remain in EC short-selling rules

    22 Sep 2010

    Though the EC proposals to regulate short selling and CDS stretch to 43 pages, much technical detail still needs to be finalised. The industry must continue to engage to shape the final rules

  • Basel and Dodd-Frank clash over definitions

    17 Sep 2010

    US regulators must consider the Dodd-Frank Act as they prepare for new Basel III capital requirements. Questions remain as to how the global rules will interact with the domestic legislation

  • Basel leaves lawyers waiting for G20, BofE

    17 Sep 2010

    Key detail covering grandfathering provisions and the treatment of structured instruments are still missing from the agreed Basel guidelines. Instead, lawyers are looking for guidance from the G20 and a Bank of England report.

  • Spanish banks reform ahead of Basel

    17 Sep 2010

    Much has been made of the impact the Basel III rules could have on the German Landesbanken. But Spanish savings banks have already been undergoing legislative reform with one eye firmly on the new guidelines

  • HK needs clearer pre-marketing IPO rules

    14 Sep 2010

    Hong Kong’s retail-centric market needs a specific regime to deal with pricing and lock-up arrangements for pre-IPO and cornerstone investors

  • Why we still need documentation in Asia

    14 Sep 2010

    Emerging markets private equity funds must have comprehensive security packages and due diligence, despite windfall profits from privately negotiated deals based on guanxi