News analysis

  • Bondholders: how to improve your distressed position

    21 Sep 2009

    Investors with distressed debt positions and no security are employing novel tactics to leverage their influence: maintain a large interest, collaborate with other bondholders, and get the press on side

  • New guide to US securities offerings and listings

    18 Sep 2009

    The 2009 update for non-US issuers has been launched, by IFLR and Latham & Watkins

  • Iosco advice unwelcome and costly

    10 Sep 2009

    Recommendations to increase scrutiny of verification and risk assurance practices on securitisation deals will meet opposition from practitioners, and could lead to big increases in deal costs

  • US liquidity plan deters banks

    10 Sep 2009

    The US Treasury Department’s liquidity proposal, designed to prevent risk build-up, will force banks to reconsider which products they offer

  • Changes needed for Tokyo Aim to prosper

    01 Sep 2009

  • AIFM directive: Be careful what you wish for

    01 Sep 2009

    Supporters of the draft Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFM) directive need to start planning now to deal with the impact on national regulators

  • Who should regulate OTC derivatives?

    01 Sep 2009

    Barack Obama has proposed legislation that forces the CFTC and SEC to adopt joint rules for over-the-counter derivatives, but no one thinks they'll find a balance of power

  • Securitisation is back

    01 Sep 2009

    And structuring is key to new deals - whether it's to placate investors, create a new market or make the best of regulation

  • The coroner's inquest

    01 Sep 2009

    Sovereign documentation must strengthen trustee responsibilities and prevent states from buying debt they have defaulted on

  • Breaking convertibles

    01 Sep 2009

    Convertible bond investors will simply leave the US if a circuit-breaker rule makes short selling harder. Just when companies need that funding most

  • GM offer sets Europe precedent

    01 Sep 2009

    The $27 billion GM exchange offer was the first retail offer approved by the UKLA and persuaded Italy to reform its onerous bond restructuring rules

  • The perils of underwriting-lite

    01 Sep 2009

    Dealer managers should seek proper legal protections in liability management, argues Tom Pauk of Citigroup

  • More M&A and rights issues

    01 Sep 2009

    Changes to Tokyo Stock Exchange rules on private placements could pave the way for rights issues, foreign takeovers and independent directors

  • Why I agreed with John

    01 Sep 2009

    Philip McBride Johnson, ex-CFTC chairman, argues that the accord he created 28 years ago should still decide how OTC derivatives are regulated

  • Industry impact

    01 Sep 2009

    The details of the Directive, and how it affects Luxembourg

  • No bankruptcy reform, yet

    01 Sep 2009

    Martin Rogers and Donna Wacker at Clifford Chance don't think Hong Kong bankruptcy reform is on the agenda. But corporate governance improvements are

  • The law's statesman

    01 Sep 2009

    Hans Corell, ex-legal counsel to the UN, promotes greater coordination between the IBA and other world organisations