News analysis

  • New York undermines derivatives regulation

    30 Sep 2008

    New York's plan to regulate credit derivative swaps as insurance could cause bankers to leave the state in search of simpler markets. But few other states would be able to regulate the products

  • Middle East shortlist announced

    25 Sep 2008

    The shortlist for IFLR's Middle East awards has been announced. For all the nominated deals and teams, click here

  • UK hedge funds shouldn't sue the FSA

    25 Sep 2008

    Hedge funds that are planning to sue the UK Financial Services Authority over last week's short selling rules are wasting their time. They will struggle to show the regulator acted out of its jurisdiction and there is likely to be similar legislation soon

  • Investment limits for Goldman and Morgan Stanley

    24 Sep 2008

    The shift of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to holding companies will limit minority investments in the banks, at a time when they need as much help as they can get

  • Basel almost destroyed AIG

    19 Sep 2008

    Basel II is flawed. It encouraged banks to reduce their capital requirements by obtaining guarantees from insurers. This not only left the banks undercapitalised, it undermined the integrity of insurers such as AIG

  • UK: Shorting should be criminalised

    18 Sep 2008

    In the wake of Lehman Brothers and HBOS, the UK Financial Services Authority has issued new short selling regulations. But some say this is not enough and that the practice should be made illegal, especially with banks

  • US: new short selling emergency order

    18 Sep 2008

    The SEC has wasted no time in reacting to the demise of Lehman Brothers, issuing another short selling emergency order

  • Weak Asia enforcement keeps loans out of court

    18 Sep 2008

    Concern about the enforceability of finance commitments in some Asian jurisdictions is forcing counsel to renegotiate financings instead of going to court

  • Hong Kong exchange too interested pre-IPO

    17 Sep 2008

    The Hong Kong Stock Exchange has extended its regulation of pre-IPO financing too far. It set out to stop shareholders bypassing lock-up rules, but has extended its oversight to other pre-IPO terms

  • Securitisation could save Islamic structures

    11 Sep 2008

    Islamic securitisation could provide a solution to industry doubts about sukuk. This week, Sorouh Real Estate completed the world's largest shariah-compliant securitisation in what could become a model for future Islamic financings

  • Update: ECB clamps down on liquidity abuse

    05 Sep 2008

    As IFLR reported earlier this week, the European Central Bank's liquidity scheme has become a dumping ground for unsellable assets. The ECB has unveiled major reforms to its system, but insists the scheme has worked well

  • Unsellable bonds structured to abuse ECB scheme

    04 Sep 2008

    The integrity of the European Central Bank's liquidity scheme is in doubt, with reports that commercially unviable bonds are being created to offload illiquid assets

  • US will adopt IFRS but on its terms

    04 Sep 2008

    The US plans to adopt International Financial Reporting Standards by 2014, but accountants warn that the standards it enforces will be very different to those now in operation