News analysis

  • Germany must use protectionism sparingly

    21 Aug 2008

    Foreign investors should not fear Germany's new legislation to monitor foreign investment, but the federal government has a responsibility to apply its new powers conservatively

  • Schaeffler technique allowed to continue

    21 Aug 2008

    German shareholder groups are in uproar over Schaeffler's use of cash swaps in its offer for Continental. But calls for regulation are falling on deaf ears because effective rules would prove difficult to create

  • Publishing accountant letters won't help investors

    15 Aug 2008

    Last week, the counterparty risk management policy group recommended that issuers provide structured finance investors with more detailed documentation. But greater disclosure will not automatically help investors or improve standards

  • US banks should change their CFD terms

    07 Aug 2008

    Derivative poison pills may face questions of validity in court, but US banks should change the terms of their CFDs anyway

  • Derivative poison pills could be invalid

    06 Aug 2008

    Despite recent reports, US companies will not be rushing to change their shareholder rights plans in the wake of the CSX case. The poison pills would punish the wrong parties and could be invalid