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  • Will anyone use it?

    01 December 2009

    Mezzanine lenders have won some key concessions in the revised LMA standard form intercreditor agreement. But they might never appear

  • Similar objectives, subtle differences

    01 December 2009

    The treatment of secondary trading of transferred loans is different in England and New York in some surprising ways

  • Final freedom for electricity

    01 November 2009

    A new law may actually succeed in getting private investment into Indonesia's electricity industry. But then these laws have been repealed before

  • US and UK compared

    01 October 2009

    Fundamental differences remain between these markets. But is it worth considering using a New York participation agreement in an English deal?

  • Deutsche fights in Texas

    01 October 2009

    How to avoid fighting banking disputes in foreign jurisdictions. And whether it is worth the effort

  • Mercury's impact - cost and delay

    01 July 2009

    The signing and closing of deals by electronic means is no longer straightforward. Even with best practice established by a working group, there will be complications

  • Lender control slipping

    01 July 2009

    Lenders have the power now - but how long will it last?

  • Human rights not negotiable

    01 July 2009

    Everyone agrees that stabilisation clauses should not restrict human rights. But no one has tried to use them in such a way, so why the commotion?

  • Don't panic at Satyam

    01 July 2009

    Amend your arbitration agreements. The alternatives are far worse