Islamic finance


News analysis

  • Regulation not religion

    01 December 2007

    Securitisation is hampered by local laws, and by a lack of Islamic assets

  • How to set sukuk free

    01 December 2007

    Islamic bonds won't be a global force until they can break the US market

  • A user's guide

    01 December 2007

    A tour around the Loan Market Association's first guide to Islamic finance and its terms

  • Harry Eddis, Morgan Stanley

    01 November 2007

    The VP in legal and compliance on how to put together a shariah supervisory board

  • Testing the water

    01 September 2007

    Dubai treats local sukuk as a normal bond

  • Trust in Bahrain

    01 August 2007

    Simon Crompton talks to Abdul Rahman Al Baker of the Central Bank of Bahrain

  • Watch and learn

    01 August 2007

    Establishing a western-style court

  • Built on shifting sands

    01 July 2007

    Dubai is handicapped by its strata of laws

  • All encompassing

    01 July 2007

    Expect Islamic versions of insurance and hedging in project finance