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  • ..but Hong Kong shoots it down

    21 Feb 2007

    A leading figure in Hong Kong Exchange has dismissed a Shanghai official's push for joint trading between the 38 companies dual listed on the Hong Kong and Shanghai exchanges

  • A brave new world

    01 Feb 2007

    New deregistration proposals suggest that European issuers and regulators have a new part to play on the crowded US stage

  • The activist counsel

    01 Feb 2007

    Tim Grayson, Goldman Sachs

  • Curing the sick

    01 Feb 2007

    Distressed banks can be rescued more easily

  • Into the Lite

    01 Feb 2007

    Amendments to the US Bankruptcy Code have created a boom in derivative-driven structures, such as the SIV-Lite

  • Behave yourself

    01 Feb 2007

    Banks' disclaimers on debt deals will be ineffective if their behaviour doesn't match up

  • A Reit map

    01 Feb 2007

    The regional idiosyncrasies of real estate investment trusts in Europe

  • Bring your umbrella

    01 Feb 2007

    Project financiers should consider umbrella agreements to avoid disparate arbitration

  • The mother of invention

    01 Feb 2007

    How Basel II is forcing project finance lenders into the arms of securitization