News analysis

  • Clifford Chance wins Middle East firm of the year

    31 Oct 2007

    Clifford Chance became Middle East law firm of the year last night, at IFLR's annual Middle East awards in Dubai. The firm also won equity team of the year and project finance team of the year, as well as working on three of 2007's winning deals

  • New synthetic structures to monetise profit

    30 Oct 2007

    The next generation of value-in-force financings has arrived, providing financial institutions with a new means of improving their capital positions

  • Rethink needed on "excessively generous" Basel

    10 Oct 2007

    The treatment of collateral under Basel II may need to be rethought, says the ICMA

  • Microfinance endorsed by ratings agencies

    05 Oct 2007

    Ratings agencies are warming to microfinance as Deutsche Bank closed one of the first microfinance deals to be rated last week

  • Inconsistent scholars hold back Islamic finance

    03 Oct 2007

    Shariah scholars are the main obstacle for Islamic finance lawyers, due to their inconsistent judgements. This was the opinion of Luma Saqqaf, Linklaters global head of Islamic Finance, at a session of the American Bar Association's autumn conference in London

  • Korean IPOs: the start of a trend

    03 Oct 2007

    STX Pan Ocean's global offering and listing on the Korea Stock Exchange, which involved a Korean domestic and an international tranche, has highlighted the success of the country's new securities law.

  • Rescue your conduit

    01 Oct 2007

    Three ways to find liquidity in a dry market: repos, CDOs and bargain hunters

  • Jeff Golden of the ABA

    01 Oct 2007

    Lessons from Navajos

  • Indian borrowing

    01 Oct 2007

    Bad news for lenders

  • The credit crisis

    01 Oct 2007

    How a Siv was saved

  • Don't let traders use mobiles

    01 Oct 2007

    Bear Stearns validates oral trading agreements

  • Afraid of revolution

    01 Oct 2007

    Liability concerns have scuppered the new type of prospectus in the US

  • Down, but not out

    01 Oct 2007

    Buyers still have the upper hand, but financial covenants and equity cures are back

  • Funds' future onshore

    01 Oct 2007

    How to structure the fund of tomorrow, onshore and denominated in renminbi

  • The tail that wags the dog

    01 Oct 2007

    Rules in Japan can end up controlling a whole deal. But they can be circumnavigated

  • Strictly, a loophole

    01 Oct 2007

    If you are going to use the CCF method to invest in China, you have to do it right

  • Break the bottleneck

    01 Oct 2007

    How the law can spur Asian projects. By Arthur Mitchell, former general counsel of the Asian Development Bank