Rising to the challenge

Author: IFLR Correspondent | Published: 5 Dec 2019

Overview of key developments in Asia's capital markets

  • Growth in debt capital markets is creating resourcing challenges for banks to make sure due diligence is done within a short timeframe and up to high standards
  • There's a strong need for capital markets access for corporates in China, and Hong Kong SAR remains a key access point
  • Activity has been strong for debt capital markets despite the trade war, equity capital markets have been more impacted in Hong Kong SAR for the first half of the year, but picking up in second half of the year. Blockchain technology is gaining ground and is presenting opportunities in security tokens, stable coins and national digital currencies
  • Green finance is growing, and there is a trend towards harmonisation.

Equity capital markets

Stock market indices in Asia have been doing well, especially with strong competition between Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, Japan and China Shanghai Stock Exchange's...