European In-house Counsel Summit: key takeaways

Author: Olly Jackson | Published: 28 Jan 2019

Drilling down on debt and equity capital markets

The registration document as part of the new UK IPO rules, has been seen as a big positive for the market. There is now much more codified information before final feedback and this has greatly helped the buyside.There are prospectus regulation issues within the advertisement regime. Issuers are disclosing too much in the risk factor section. People were pleased to see the guidelines from Esma that show they are taking a light touch approach, but the question is whether or not NCAs will take this into account.The block trade market has been incredibly quiet so far this year, but people are quick to capitalise when there is an opportunity to do so. This area of the market is very dependent on time and discount.If you are in the process of IPO work, these deals are typically done so they are early enough to do a premium listing. Competition and Antitrust: Policy and...