Priips: third-country manufacturers find loophole

Author: Lizzie Meager | Published: 24 May 2018
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Priips: third-country manufacturers find loophole

Product manufacturers wanting to continue selling in the EU are looking into a creative – but risky – new strategy to bypass the investor protection rules. While it might work for some, lawyers warn against it, arguing that the relief of not having to produce a KID is not worth the potential risk  Read more...

FCA IPO rules & Mifid research: sellside weighs options

Bankers, independent researchers and lawyers still have questions regarding the costs of unconnected research ahead of the UK’s new IPO rules. All the market participants that spoke to Practice Insight were still confused about the logistics, with only a month to go before implementation  Read more...

FCA IPO rules: unconnected analysts want early access

As firms consider the options proposed by regulators, bankers are concerned that early access for external researchers poses a confidentiality breach. But unconnected analysts push back, arguing that it’s on banks to prove they haven’t promised favourable research in exchange for a syndicate position  Read more...