POLL: the future of European bank resolution

Author: Lizzie Meager | Published: 20 Jul 2017
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Since the financial crisis regulators have been focused on making the sector safer. Key to that has been regulation aimed at bank recovery and resolution that will, in theory, shield the real economy if a bank were to run into difficulties, and ultimately prevent another bailout funded by the taxpayer.

Thankfully, save for a few individual cases in continental Europe, the rules have not been put to the test yet. But one day they will be, and the perfect storm of geopolitics, interest rates, cyber attack threats and any number of still unknown risks means that day could come sooner than expected.

So, how effective are these disaster-mitigating tools? How much trust is there in regulators to push the right button at the right time? And how long will it take to return to normality the next time around?

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