Poll: M&A protection mechanisms

Author: IFLR Correspondent | Published: 28 Mar 2017
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While 2016 was undoubtedly characterised by political uncertainty, it was also a boom year for M&A. That’s somewhat at odds with the conventional wisdom that more so than any eventual negative outcome, markets hate uncertainty.

But protectionist governments, rising interest rates, unstable and unpredictable currencies and a more general, less political change in approach at competition regulators, and the M&A landscape going forward looks less clear cut.

So this month IFLR's poll is asking readers what techniques are likely to be employed by merging parties and their lawyers to offset deal complications and obstacles.

What legal features will grow in popularity in 2017 to offset the challenges facing global M&A?

  • Warranty & indemnity insurance
  • Earn outs
  • Dual tracks
  • Locked boxes
  • Other

Vote now on the right-hand side of the IFLR homepage, and check the May issue of the magazine for the results.

And to have your thoughts heard, email elizabeth.meager@legalmediagroup.com for an off-the-record chat. All votes and comments are completely anonymous.