POLL: third party access is biggest Brexit fear

Author: Tom Young | Published: 20 Apr 2016

The possibility of Britain leaving the Union has prompted panic about third country access under EU rules

What are your biggest Brexit fears?
With the June 23 referendum on Britain's membership of the EU creeping nearer, counsel are beginning to analyse the practical implications of a possible Brexit. Beyond the potential impact on the UK's economy, a slew of legal concerns are emerging.

If British citizens vote to leave the EU, much will depend on the adopted model. If the UK was to join the European Economic Area it could continue to take advantage of the passport system. But under a customs union or UK-EU free trade agreements model, the UK would have freedom to regulate its own financial services sector.

Despite this uncertainty over format – as well as outcome – IFLR decided to poll readers on their biggest concerns regarding a possible Brexit.

Thirty-one percent of those polled selected third...