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  • US bankruptcy ruling clarifies debtors' restructuring rights

    26 September 2013

    Last month’s first-of-its-kind US bankruptcy ruling enabled the US toll road operator, American Roads, to complete its pre-pack restructuring agreement. It also made clear the impact of no-action clauses on an insured unitranche

  • Six repo myths debunked

    13 June 2013

    Repo was Lehman’s most reliable source of funding and did not experience widespread haircut increases leading up to the financial crisis. These were just some of the myths regarding repurchase agreements

  • Baidu’s SEC-registered offering sets Wksi precedent

    20 December 2012

    Baidu’s SEC-registered offering marked a number of firsts. Here’s how it could spark copycat deals

  • RIDEA paves way for US-Canadian Reit

    01 August 2012

    The largest joint venture between US and Canadian real estate investment trusts took full advantage of the US Reit Diversification and Empowerment Act 2007. Here's how

  • What ICBC’s approval means for China-US banking

    16 May 2012

    A US regulator’s decision to approve for the first time a Chinese bank’s takeover of a US bank marks a vote of confidence in China Inc and a turning point in the US-China relationship

News analysis

  • Risk retention force new CLO structure

    12 Dec 2014

    The US market is considering new structures even as money managers battle their inclusion in risk retention rules

  • SEC enters technology regulation

    10 Dec 2014

    New SEC rules on the regulation of technology will impact both trading venues and clearing agencies, but also the market makers that interact with them

  • EXCLUSIVE: Giuliani opposes corporate criminality

    02 Dec 2014

    The former New York mayor and federal prosecutor known for his unflinching approach to law enforcement has criticised the concept of corporate criminality and believes intent should be a necessary element of a crime