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News analysis

  • US Chamber of Commerce calls for SEC reform

    04 March 2015

    The US Chamber of Commerce is renewing its call for reforming the regulator, focusing on funding, enforcement and the need for a deputy chair

  • Internal models face increased regulatory scrutiny

    02 March 2015

    Banks may be forced to rethink their internal models for valuing complex assets as regulators seek greater comparability across products

  • CFTC commissioner slams swap rules

    04 February 2015

    The regulator's commissioner has called for a re-think of the regulations governing the US swaps market

  • CFTC non-US exemption programme needs clarity

    21 January 2015

    New staff letters suggest the early stages of an exemptive programme for non-US clearinghouses, offering flexibility to foreign houses

  • Dodd-Frank webinar: a recap and what's next

    09 January 2015

    Morrison & Foerster counsel and ING's Gary Kalbaugh analysed the four-year-old law's progress and what implementation points remain unreseloved

  • Chile adopts Basel III under international pressure

    24 December 2014

    The country's banking regulator has announced that the country, which never took up Basel II, will implement parts of Basel III in an effort meet the demands of international financial bodies

  • SEC enters technology regulation

    10 December 2014

    New SEC rules on the regulation of technology will impact both trading venues and clearing agencies, but also the market makers that interact with them

  • EXCLUSIVE: Giuliani opposes corporate criminality

    02 December 2014

    The former New York mayor and federal prosecutor known for his unflinching approach to law enforcement has criticised the concept of corporate criminality and believes intent should be a necessary element of a crime

  • Trade-at will distort tick size pilot

    26 November 2014

    The inclusion of a trade-at provision in the SEC's tick size pilot programme could prevent the study from gathering the very data it is seeking

  • Concern grows over liquid alt risks

    17 November 2014

    The number of managers who have moved from hedge fund to mutual fund management since the financial crisis is raising concern among regulators about risk management and disclosures

  • Why transparency is cure for market structure

    13 November 2014

    Regulators will continue to address structural issues in the fixed income and equity markets by increasing transparency and data disclosures

  • Why an EU-US trade partnership matters

    11 November 2014

    The Atlantic Council’s Chris Brummer explains why the organisation is a firm supporter of the T-TIP, and how recent political developments are impacting negotiations

  • Uncertainty surrounds CFTC footnote 513

    30 October 2014

    The CFTC’s no-action relief for a wide-reaching extraterritorial provision ends this year. It may not be renewed

  • Finra tackles transparency with a wide net

    02 October 2014

    The industry body has announced that it is considering several proposals to improve transparency in the equities and fixed income market


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