News analysis

  • It will be hard to prove issuer fraud

    22 Apr 2008

    Despite numerous class actions in America, investors will have trouble prosecuting banks for fraudulent disclosure in prospectuses

  • Market abuse was easier to detect pre-Mifid

    22 Apr 2008

    Mifid has made it harder to discover market abuse in Europe, due to segmentation of trading information

  • Basel Committee: We got it wrong

    17 Apr 2008

    Basel II is inadequate. It miscalculated the amount of capital that institutions need to cover the risk of complex products, the Basel Committee admitted yesterday

  • Freddie Mac for the UK

    17 Apr 2008

    In a move that could start government-sponsored securitisation, the Bank of England is planning to allow banks to swap mortgages for treasury bonds

  • No more standards: structured finance is fine

    14 Apr 2008

    In a potentially pointless move, the Institute of International Finance has proposed a template for structured finance offering documents

  • EC's Basel II proposals are too vague

    08 Apr 2008

    Last week's comments by Charlie McCreevy on a European Commission response to financial turmoil have been met with indifference

  • Indian companies renegotiate failing derivatives

    03 Apr 2008

    Indian companies are altering the terms of their derivative contracts with banks, to soften the blow from badly performing cross-currency derivative bets and ease their relationships with the lenders

  • UK and US plan joint regulator

    02 Apr 2008

    In a move that may be the start of a more synchronised approach to regulation, Britain and America are creating a transatlantic working group to reform the banking system

  • US Treasury plan doesn't go far enough

    02 Apr 2008

    The US Treasury's blueprint for regulatory reform was released earlier in the week, and the legal community, while agreeing with many of the proposals, calls for more to be done

  • Clearing dead wood

    01 Apr 2008

    SEC rule proposals not without controversy



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