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Deals analysis

  • American Airlines restructure explained

    15 January 2014

    American Airlines’ emergence from Chapter 11 protection in December, via its merger with US Airways, was the first time a major airline bankruptcy has ended with a return on equity for its shareholders

News analysis

  • Spain’s new bankruptcy law: B+ for effort

    25 March 2014

    Spain has overhauled its bankruptcy regime in a bid to make it easier for ailing companies to avoid liquidation. But the long-anticipated reforms will likely need further amendments to ensure they are workable

  • French reforms give teeth to creditor committees

    12 February 2014

    In two weeks, France’s Council of Ministers is expected to approve a package of reforms that will significantly improve creditor rights in the country’s restructuring and insolvency proceedings

  • Dutch debtor pushes the boundaries of UK SOAs

    27 January 2014

    A Dutch company’s recent scheme of arrangement has cemented the UK’s rivalry with the US as the in-court restructuring venue of choice

  • Arcapita: how non-US firms can use Chapter 11

    21 November 2013

    The successful restructure of Bahrain-based investment company Arcapita has raised questions about how other non-US companies can take advantage of Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code

Channel correspondents