Deal analysis

  • Europe’s 4-to-3 merger precedent

    22 Oct 2014

    The creation of Europe’s second biggest telecommunications company sets a new benchmark for antitrust clearance in the region, and paves the way for more consolidation in this year’s already busy telecom sector

News analysis

  • Indonesian contracts' translation turmoil

    27 Oct 2014

    Recent judicial decisions have revived concerns around the enforceability of English contracts in Indonesia. Ashurst's Joel Hogarth explains how to protect yourself

  • Indonesia's PKPU: 10 years on

    27 Oct 2014

    The insolvency law celebrated its tenth birthday this year. Andi Kadir of Hadiputranto Hadinoto & Partners analyses how the process has changed since it was passed?

  • HK competition guidelines need clarity

    22 Oct 2014

    Hong Kong’s Competition Commission released its long-awaited draft guidelines this month. But more details are needed before they can be implemented

  • Antitrust compliance must be prioritised

    21 Oct 2014

    Major corporations are regularly failing to do more than pay lip service to their antitrust compliance programmes, according to panellists at an antitrust session during this week’s International Bar Association annual conference in Tokyo

  • Asia’s struggle with CSR

    21 Oct 2014

    Corporate social responsibility is a relatively new concept for most Asian jurisdictions. And because it tends to be governed by domestic regulations and corporate law, approaches across jurisdictions can differ drastically

  • Do activists raise shareholder value?

    21 Oct 2014

    There is mounting evidence that shareholder activism is gaining traction across the world. But there is little consensus on whether it is good policy to encourage the behaviour

  • Myanmar: worth the risk

    21 Oct 2014

    As international investors flock to the newly-opened country, companies must not lose sight of the risks of doing business in the frontier market.

  • FDI transcends Turkey's troubles

    16 Oct 2014

    Ilker Ayci, president of Turkey's Investment Support and Promotion Agency and the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies, discusses the reforms that continue to improve the country's FDI opportunities

  • Mexico's reversal of fortune

    09 Oct 2014

    An ambitious set of reforms could transform Mexico’s investment environment. Former ambassador to the EU and Nafta negotiator Jaime Zabludovsky explains what is needed to capitalise on the changes

  • Reputational diligence changes PE documentation

    08 Oct 2014

    A recent survey has revealed that an increasing number of private equity firms are using reputational due diligence to achieve better valuations