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International Financial Law Review

IFLR is the market-leading financial law publication for lawyers specialising in international finance in financial institutions banking groups, corporates and in private practice.

A subscription to IFLR includes:

  • Unlimited access to IFLR.com, updated on a daily basis;
  • News and deal analysis, including Bank Capital coverage;
  • E-newsletters sent regularly to keep you up to speed on regulatory developments;
  • Unlimited access to IFLR.com archive, including more than a decade of IFLR's coverage;
  • Access to IFLR Supplements on IFLR.com;
  • Analyze and access to IFLR's global coverage on iPad and iPhone, via the IFLR App and,
  • Access to the annual IFLR award results.

IFLR was first published in 1982. Today, with journalists based in the US, UK and Asia, IFLR offers everything from practical, actionable insight formation on everything from the latest deal structures and regulatory developments to interviews with regulators and in-house counsel worldwide.

Our editorial team filters the market for the most interesting deals from the drafters’ perspective and explains why they matter.  We will typically review 10-15 of these deals per month.

Our in-depth analysis brings readers more than just who is on the deals – we also analyse scrutinise what is in the deals and track the documentation used. That way IFLR helps readers to understand what the market precedent is, particularly in difficult and evolving emerging markets.

IFLR regularly reveals how the leading thinkers are interpreting the law, by providing readers with relevant and timely opinion from international industry leaders and regulators in both major and emerging markets.

IFLR journalists guide subscribers through industry pressure points, comparing best practice across regions, tracking common negotiation issues and analysing trends in deal documentation the latest legislative changes and analyse those changes for the benefit of in-house counsel and private practice.

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International Financial Law Review

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