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Deals analysis

  • First multi-bank ABS programme explained

    02 February 2014

    In a first of its kind ABS deal, Citigroup and Santander have combined their international trade finance receivables to launch the Trade Maps 1 Limited, Series 2013-1 programme

News analysis

  • Securitisation best practices to encourage workable rules

    04 April 2014

    Market initiatives to improve securitisation best practice are tipped to encourage European regulators to create more workable rules

  • Analysis: Reg AB II transparency debate

    26 March 2014

    As the comment period for Reg AB II closes, issuers and investors continue to clash over the level of disclosures in ABS offerings

  • CFTC extends proposed relief for EU MTFs

    24 March 2014

    On March 21 the Commission extended the US regulatory relief granted to EU multilateral trading facilities until May 14, and announced imminent modifications to its proposed regime for Qualifying MTFs

  • Momentum grows for EU covered bond regime

    03 December 2013

    Industry support for an EU-wide covered bonds framework has grown over the past 12 months, with investors and issuers agreeing that harmonisation would help safeguard the asset class’s preferential regulatory treatment

  • SME covered bonds’ dubious future

    03 December 2013

    Covered bonds backed by loans to small and medium-sized enterprises will remain a niche product of established issuers from mature markets

  • The covered bond issuers set to adopt pass-through

    03 December 2013

    Conditional pass-through and soft bullet structures will come to the fore in next year’s European covered bond market, as issuers look at new ways to deal with short-term liquidity gaps

  • The futurisation of swaps: what’s expected

    15 November 2013

    New rules under Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Act have increased the regulatory burdens on swaps, leading some in the market to re-examine how the instrument is used

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